Interview on Warley Park Housing

Channel 9 interviewed Dr. Joel C. Hunter about an apartment complex intended to provide housing for the homeless in Sanford that is being billed as the very first of its kind in Central Florida. Watch the interview HERE. The project uses a piece of land that the city deemed a nuisance, meaning it had received a large number of calls for police.

The city wasn't initially sold on this proposal to transform it until it learned all the resources the project will offer the chronically homeless.

The project will include 85 units of multifamily affordable housing for the homeless.

"This will not be a homeless shelter," said Joel Hunter, an advocate for the homeless. "This is much different."

Hunter, former chair of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, said offering resources and applicant screening sets the endeavor apart.

"These are resources provided in the complex itself, so they can get the training or the rehabilitation or the treatment that they need," he said.

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