PULSE: Third Anniversary

June 12, 2019

Dr. Hunter’s Prayer
"Almighty God, You make this site holy with the preservation of the memories of people who died here. You are making our grief sacred by the love that is not only surviving but becoming stronger by our loss. The potential good that was lost in those lives is now being multiplied in the lives of those who will learn because of them, in the unity of our community, and in the changing lives of those who used to ignore the LGBTQ community and are now discovering the treasure we were missing. Sometimes huge change comes only by huge tragedy, but those 49 souls that were of inestimable value when they were here are of historic value to the world now that they are gone. We take comfort in knowing that life is immortal, love is eternal, and death is nothing but a horizon. As we all walk toward that horizon, with however many days we have left, give us the strength and compassion to lift up the hurting around us and to cheer for every person because of who they are. Amen."

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