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Evangelical Pastor Sending President Obama Bible Verses from Book of Mark

Hunter is considered one of the more conservative Evangelical members of President Obama’s Faith Council. He gave the Benediction at the 2008 Democratic Convention and has taken some heat from fellow conservative Evangelicals for partnering with the administration. But sharing the Gospel with the President? (or anyone for that matter) Who can take issue with that?

"I send probably two or three devotionals a week. He gets a devotional everyday on his blackberry and so I'm going through the Gospel of Mark with him and then there are other conversations I can’t tell you how many that have to do with how do you in his position continue your spiritual growth in Christianity.”

"Months and months ago he invited me to do daily devotionals and I just decided it would be more consistent to go through a Gospel with him so that I could talk about Jesus because Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.

We fix our eyes on Jesus and so I just decided that Mark was the Gospel that I would go to because it was short and to the point and it had all of the essentials.”

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